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How to let children enjoy science and engage with STEM education approach? [Get ISRO Kids Camp Info]

Rajeev Unnithan | 18 Feb 2020

Look at any developed country in the world and you’ll see their foundation strongly built by STEM. So, if you’re wondering what STEM is then let’s understand it before we jump into the purpose of this blog post.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. These are the super critical categories and foundation of education. We believe that it is much more than just being a category of education. It’s a way of life just like we treat our religion in India and around the globe. We believe that the new age religion of India should be named STEM because it is an amazing philosophy for holistic transformation of children who will join the modern workforce of our country.

Any nation to build its capacity for innovation and sustainable development begins with the education of children. It’s the children who become the pillars of sustainable development and forming the collective capability of any nation.

“ People say, what can I do to get my kids interested in science? They're already interested in science. You’re the one who’s the problem. Almost my entire professional energy is focused on adults because they out number kids. They vote. They run the world. They wield opportunities. Kids will be fine.”, says Neil Degrasse Tyson (World-renowned cosmologist)

With that motivation let us begin to know and understand our role in propelling that curiosity of our kids as little scientists with some of the ways to engage them deeper in accepting and loving science. Here we go!

[5 ways to engage your child in accepting and loving science is about to begin. Scroll down.]

1. Let them be! Simplest method of all strategies

Well, watching them do things and experience life around them is kind of amazing joy. Like you witness them stand up and start taking their first step towards amazing things to destroy and explore. As a parent you may want to walk with them and help them find what they are looking for with a sense of control over safety and propel their curiosity.

2. Help them find answers to their questions

Teach them reasoning abilities. Let them ask questions. You may answer them if you know and if you don’t then find the answers together. Read books that interest them and take them to the new worlds of books gradually. If you are not fond of reading then that’s okay. You may want to have them participate in book reading clubs. There may be tough questions coming your way and it’s okay to say you don’t know but resolve by offering help to find them.

3. Walk with them into the wild

Let them feel nature. Go stargazing with them. Participate in camping tours. Be a friend and learn everything with them that you haven’t or forgotten. Help them become an explorer. When they are at home it becomes a mess around the child and you feel it more dramatically than your child. Don’t worry about your child because they are having fun and it would be an interesting journey if you join them. When you walk with nature you expand your and child’s mind with so many beautiful and unknown worlds of its participants.

4. Empower them with tools & resources

As a parent you may or are trying to have the modern schools get them access to tools and resources to find answers to their questions. However, there are several tools that enable them to do it on their own. Google and YouTube have become kids friendly when it comes to learning by reading and watching. Facebook has the events feature that can be used to browse and find events related to science and other STEM related events for kids. As a parent if you are cautious and don’t want them to be distracted then exercise this course of action with them once in a week. Plan for the next week and enjoy the learning experience. You will love it more than they do!

5. Watch the space with Indian Space & Research Organization (ISRO)

Summer camps and other special events and schemes are introduced by several entities in India and around the world. India's best of science is at the core of ISRO. They provide a road-map for the little scientists in children.

Children in class 9th or above can take part in summer camp organized by ISRO under the name YUVIKA from May 11- May 22. You can enroll online from Feb 3 to Feb 24. For further details visit

For more information click here to know more.

Sometimes, we rationalize saying it’s easier said than done. Often, we ignore the significance of our role with our children. Parents are the wings of children. It doesn’t matter if you as a parent are interested in science or not.

It doesn’t matter if you have time or not. What matters is where your child is headed without the love for science and STEM. Think about it and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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