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Good News! Facebook Taking Down The 20% Image Text Rule Soon; Relief For FB Advertisers & Creators

09.24.2020 | Rajeev Unnithan

Matt Navarra, a social media industry commentator and consultant tweeted this big news yesterday, with a snapshot that seems to be prelude to the official announcement about this change.

Reported information about this change in image text rule

Facebook has always been evolving to make the world a better place on the platform. This time it's for the advertisers and creators who have been limited by this restriction of using no more than 20% text on the main image of the ads. By removing this restriction Facebook would allow creators and copywriters to be more creative with their ad copies.

Want to read the entire thread of conversation on this tweet? Read more here.

When Matt was questioned about the specific source as you can see in the conversation thread, he stated that Facebook ad managers are communicating this news directly to the advertisers, and shared the updated link to the Business Help Center of Facebook. Click here to see it yourself.

I've be creating ad images and running ad campaigns for several clients. Personally, I think this should've been done long time ago, and it's never too late. However, I think it'd be interesting to see how it works. From my experience so far I see that they may either use it in the workflow of creating ads, or allow us to freely use text but with warning messages.

As a creator I remember using the Facebook's text overlay tool to check if the text on image is ok to run the ads. Now, when you try to launch that tool or Google it, you'd land on their Business Help Center page where they show the best practices of image ads on Facebook. The awareness about how to use text on image is emphasized on such pages. I think even without this change the challenge of keeping the text below 20% is a task to be enjoyed.

Copywriters play a key role here. Keeping the copies short and simple, or the K.I.S.S principle is the fundamental approach and that should be the constant. Audience is now spending more time on videos. Text, if short and to the point, will trigger your call to action.

If you have your point of views about this or have any questions then please feel free to drop them in comments.

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